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Wholesale Pricing List

Please find our wholesale information listed below including our T&Cs, wholesale label and denim hardware products, Kylie and The Machine merchandising options and shipping and import duty information. 
We'd love to help with any further enquiries so please feel free reach out.
- Sally x
KATM Wholesale Manager 





Ivory Core Collection per box of 10 packs $65 AUD | RRP $13 AUD

 Black Limited Edition Box of 10 packs $65 AUD | RRP $13 AUD 


Here's some of our best sellers for an example:

One Of a Kind | Box of 10 Pack (10 labels per pack) $65 AUD

You Can't Buy This | Box of 10 Pack (10 labels per pack) $65 AUD
This is the Back | Box of 10 Pack (10 labels per pack) $65 AUD
Made | Box of 10 Pack (10 labels per pack) $65 AUD




KATM Hardware Kits include all hardware/tools/zippers for two sets of jeans. The customer needs to first purchase a hardware kit which will give them enough to make two pairs of jeans in that colour. For subsequent pairs of jeans, purchase the refill kit which has enough to make one pair of jeans.



hardware and tools for 2 pairs of jeans

WS $20 AUD | RRP $40 AUD

Navy Zipper / Matte Gold Hardware / Zipper 15cm OR 19cm

Navy Zipper / Pewter Hardware / Zipper 15cm OR 19cm

Navy Zipper / Copper Hardware / Zipper 15cm OR 19cm

Black Zipper / Matte Black Hardware / Zipper 15cm OR 19cm

Black Zipper /Matte Gold Hardware / Zipper 15cm OR 19cm

Black Zipper / Pewter Hardware / Zipper 15cm OR 19cm

Black Zipper / Copper Hardware / Zipper 15cm OR 19cm



hardware for one pair of jeans, no tools

WS $8 AUD | RRP $16 AUD

Black Zipper / Copper OR Matte Gold OR Pewter OR Matte Black Hardware / 15cm OR 19cm zip

Navy Zipper / Copper OR Matte Gold OR Pewter Hardware / 15cm OR 19cm zip

Light Blue Zipper / Copper OR Matte Gold OR Pewter Hardware / 15cm OR 19cm zip

White Zipper / Copper OR Matte Gold OR Pewter Hardware / 15cm OR 19cm zip

Beige Zipper / Copper OR Matte Gold OR Pewter Hardware / 15cm OR 19cm zip



WS $9.50 AUD | RRP $19 AUD

Matte Black | Aged Brass | Aged Copper | Distressed Silver 



15 buttons, no tools

WS $9.50 AUD | RRP $19 AUD

Matte Black | Copper | Gold | Pewter


Pictured below: Jeans Hardware Kit Copper/Navy/19cm WS $20

Pictured below: Jeans Hardware Kit Pewter/Navy/19cm WS $20

Pictured below: Jeans Refill Kit Gold WS $8

Pictured below: Dungaree Kit Aged Brass WS $9.50

Pictured below: Denim Jacket Kit WS $9.50




Making label stashing so easy!

WS $6.00 AUD





International Shipping
First Order MOQ $500AUD
Shipping is calculated at check out.
We ship all orders using DHL Express Priority. 
Customs info
Import duties, fees and taxes are the responsibility of the receiver and are determined by your country’s import laws.  For example in Australia, imports over $1000 AUD will require payment for customs duties and GST plus  any service charges from The shipping company, however this is different for each country. Please check your country’s import laws via an official government site for more information. 





Shipping calculated at check out.
Once you add products to your cart, these rates will be automatically applied based on the order value. 

Australian orders ship with Australia Express Post or if elected, DHL Express Priority




Our RRP for core packs of labels start from $13 AUD however you can retail yours based on your own margins.

You may sell our labels in your online shop, and we provide you with stock photos, or you may take your own photos.

All orders and payments will be processed through our Shopify store, this is the same shopfront we use for our direct-to-customer sales, and orders must be paid in full before goods are shipped.

We have an automated ordering service where you can access a wholesale-only password protected area of our online shop so you can shop in your timezone, see our stock levels, and check out instantly. This is very efficient for both of us, and after your initial order, we encourage you to use this system.

For International Orders: All customs, import duties, and charges related to this are to be paid by your company, the receiver.

As a stockist, customer returns for faulty products are to be handled by you at store-level, as a service point for the customer. We can replace or refund faulty products retroactively.

Please do not open/break up packs of our labels and make your own ‘sample packs’ to sell. They are to be sold in our packaging only, in the quantity in which they were received, without any exceptions.

If you have one of our display stands… only display Kylie and the Machine products on this stand. This is very important. Our stands are hand-crafted right here in Brisbane and they are very expensive to produce. We feel this is a worthy investment to our brand, however please respect this and ONLY display our branded products on this stand.

We do not give any store or region exclusivity in stocking our products. We believe, that our small packs of labels are a smart addition to ALL sewing and yarn shops as a magical add-on product. We also believe that there’s more than enough space in our industry for everyone to have mutual success and provide a quality experience for their customers.

Please note that in our online shop we sell our products direct to customers domestically and internationally. We have a once-a-year sale at the end of March, and we do not participate in other popular sale seasons or events.

Pricing, order minimums, and other Terms and Conditions may change at any time.





Our KATM merchandise stands are made from Australian Tasmanian Oak and fitted with a KATM customised acrylic board. We will provide hooks and sample cards for your chosen labels. Plus a cute KATM window sticker! 

Medium Display Stand, 9 hooks | $60 AUD
Large Display Stand, 12 hooks | $75 AUD
XL Display Stand, 20 hooks | $85 AUD
Counter Top Display, holds 25 packs (Pink/Rose Gold logo) | $19 AUD
Quad Hanging Display, 4 hooks | $14 AUD








For your first order, please email us a list of what you would like to stock in your shop. 

If you are online only, just email us a list of the designs and how many boxes of 10 you would like to order for each design.

Our email for communications: wholesale@kylieandthemachine.com.au

We will review your email, and send you a “complete your payment” email to process the order, you will need to enter your shipping address and phone number, payment info and check out.

Then when we have received the paid order through Shopify, we will ship within 2 business days. You will receive a tracking number when we have booked your parcel in, another notification when your parcel is picked up, and a notification on the day of delivery. Please ensure you put in the correct phone number for these SMS notifications.



Please email Sally (Wholesale Manager) at sally@kylieandthemachine.com.au to set up an account. 

She'll be in touch as soon as possible!




If you have any questions at all, please contact us sally@kylieandthemachine.com.au

 Thank You for contacting us.

We would love to have you on board as a Kylie and the Machine Stockist!