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Mystic | Ceramic Pin Dish With Rare Earth Magnet

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$80.00 AUD

Beautiful wheel-thrown pottery dish with a strong magnet on the inside, made entirely in Brisbane, Australia by WAFFLE POTTERY.

This is the new improved design, with a new stunning curved form, larger surface to hold more pins and keeps fingers safe as pins are attracted to the centre, and within the walls. Each dish is made by hand and they are laborious and slow, this form is unique and shows the skill of the potter who makes them. 

It is our pleasure to bring to you something unique and functional, which will sit by your side while you sew, keeping your pins safely at your fingertips. 

Materials include clay, glazes, rare earth magnet (neodymium magnet), epoxy resin and ethically sourced Cork, so the piece will sit nicely (and scratch free) on your surface.

Every Piece is unique! You will receive one like the pictured dish.


Neodymium (Rare Earth) Magnets are more powerful than standard Ferrite magnets and should be handled with Caution.
Keep out of reach of children
People with pacemakers should avoid handling magnets.
Magnets may cause permanent damage to personal items such as credit cards, computer hard drives, watches, TVs, data storage, and other electronic devices and objets (like computerised sewing machines) so please take care to use this pin dish on a desk or solid surface, and do not place on your sewing machine.
This dish is intended for decorative use only, and not to be used for serving food, as it may have a glaze that is not tested for food safety.


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Please note, due to each pin dish being a one of a kind piece of art, we are unable to accept returns, unless faulty.