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Unicorn Fizz | Ceramic Thread Bin

$85.00 AUD

Currently Unavailable.

Note: Unicorn Fizz is a tricky little beast... and there are many variations to the glaze colouring, sometimes the only change is which shelf they are sitting on in the kiln! The mystique of ceramics! Although, we think they are all beautiful! Please view all photos to see how this glaze behaves, we will send them randomly, some look light / more creamy with pinks and some look darker with less of the creamy colour! Some of the pieces will have a bit of both. 


This wheel-thrown ceramic thread bowl, or 'thread bin' as we like to call it, will sit by your side while you sew, keeping your loose threads in one neat place.

Each thread bin is made entirely in Brisbane, Australia by WAFFLE POTTERY, just like our lovely magnetic pin dishes.

Please note that the thread bin will look like the product image, but won't be exactly the same due to the handmade nature of this item.


Approx. 10.5cm W x 5.8cm H

*Please anticipate variations in the dimension of your thread bin. 

Important Information:

This product is not to be used for serving food as the glaze may not have been tested for food safety. However, it is great for your threads or any other items you'd like to house inside. 


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Please note, due to each pin dish being a one of a kind piece of art, we are unable to accept returns, unless faulty.

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