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Pattern Hack!

Pattern Hack!

Hi 👋

Check out my recent make!

This boxy tee is from the Atelier to Nani Iro pattern book, AND it features a draw-string pattern hack and button closure. Read below for all the details!

Kylie xo

The Boxy Tee Pattern

This boxy top pattern is so simple to make and only took a few hours to complete from tracing the pattern, adding my drawstring hack and button closure, to final completion! 

Kylie Brule makes boxy top from Atelier to Nani Iro pattern book

There is only one pattern piece meaning that the front and back are the same, the only difference is the neckline!

The construction process, once you've traced and cut the pieces, is to just sew the shoulder seams, side seams and then finish the neckline and hem - easy!

The pattern piece had a wider neckline than what I made, as I adjusted the pattern to be more narrow. I just 'eye-balled' this as I have a good sense of what the neckline needs to be from making so many other tops.

The entire project took approximately 2-3 hours from start to finish.

Button Closure Hack

Adding a button closure wasn't part of the pattern, I only added it because I wasn't sure if I made the neckline too small when I made the adjustment! Plus, I thought adding a hot pink button would add a fun element to the garment!

For this hack, I just used the scrap fabric to create the yolk/facing, and the loop for the button. To get the u-shape/arch I used the Prym Flexible Curved Ruler. This is such a handy tool for all kinds of pattern adjustments!

Kylie Brule Boxy Top Pattern Button Closure

Gathering Hack

To create the drawstring gather feature, I first constructed the whole top, including the finished bottom hem, and then tried it on to work out where the gather would be positioned.

Once I had that worked out, I sewed a rectangle piece of fabric to the inside of the front piece. I stitched the two long sides and then down through the middle, creating two panels. The top and bottom were left open to allow for the tie to feed through. 

I create the tie using the Clover Bias Tape Maker which I would highly recommend! It makes create bias tape so incredibly easy and prevents you from burning your fingers when you iron. 

Drawstring Gathered Top Sewing Pattern

Featured Labels

I though this project was very deserving on a 'Hacked' label and one of our upcoming labels, 'Look After Me, Look After You' - available in November!

Sewing Hack Labels 


The fabric is from Weft & Warp Fabrics. I love the way the grid pattern pattern changes from straight to diagonal when your arms are rested by your sides.

Thoughts After Wearing For a Day

After a full day of wear, the fabric has relaxed allowing the top to form more to my body shape. I also love the way the fabric drapes from my shoulder, creating the look of a separate sleeve rather than a 'grown on' sleeve. This type of construction creates a more elevated look, but feels more comfortable than a typical tee. 

As one final note, I made the ties way too long so I just created knots where I wanted the ties to end and trimmed off the excess. 

Project Summary

Fabric: Weft & Warp Fabrics

Pattern: Boxy Tee from Atelier to Nani Iro pattern book

Hack: Drawstring feature - just a rectangle and some stitch lines!

Featured Labels: 'Not For Sale' (coming soon to our core range!), 'Hacked' and 'Look After Me, Look After You' (also coming soon!)

Tools: Prym Aqua Glue Marker, KATM Label Gauge, Kai Scissors


I can’t find the book in English. Love your idea

Ooh I LOVE this. But Im super visual so dont get how to make the drawstring scrunched section. Have you seen a website explanation of this I could look up?

Wow, the drawstring is so cute and so easy!! Thank you for sharing.

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