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💕 How To | Add Labels

💕 How To | Add Labels

Hiiii 👋

I've finally released a NEW Labels Tutorial for your viewing pleasure!

This tutorial runs through label selection, label placement and the different ways you can sew labels into your handmade garments. More specifically, you will learn that there are three main types of labels - centre fold, side seam and end fold - and what differentiates them is where and how they are attached to your garment.

Centre fold and side seam labels are enclosed within your garment and therefore attached during its construction. 

A centre fold label will typically be attached at the back of your garment, on the inside of the neckline, just like most RTW clothing.

A side seam label is usually displayed on the outside of your garment and can be attached wherever you like! 

End fold labels can be sewn straight onto the fabric as you do not need to enclose them within the seams of your garment. This means you can attach them at any stage of the making process and wherever you like. 

This tutorial features woven labels and other associated items perfect for the home sewist! All product can be found at www.kylieandthemachine.com.au. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch - hello@kylieandthemachine.com.au.

I hope you enjoy!

♡ Kylie