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Exciting New Label Redesigns coming!

Exciting New Label Redesigns coming!


You will notice (or may have already noticed) that we are running the inventory of some of our best selling labels and core labels down. This is because we are redesigning and re-releasing these labels this year. 

We are able to produce labels with higher technology and more options for thread colours. We're able to achieve even finer details in our little labels and we're excited about keeping our designs fresh and ensuring that they are the best quality labels on the market. We are excited about the next evolution of our original designs, we know you're going to love them!

Thank you for your patience in this transition period, please reach out if you would like any further information. You know I love a chat!

Sally x


Labels redesigns:

Made with Love and Swear Words

You Can't Buy This

One of a Kind


We have chosen to not reorder some label designs, here's a list of labels that won't be reordered:

Grandma Made It

Matchy Matchy

Nana Made It 

Rainbow Mini Hands

Yo Mama Made It

You Are Loved