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Brook Gossen x KATM | Going Places

Brook Gossen x KATM | Going Places

'Going Places' - A collection for kids, by Brook Gossen x KATM

Hi everyone!

Here I am with Brook Gossen, a Brisbane based digital artist, who we have just collaborated with for KATM's first ever kids collection!

Going Places showcases Brook's fun, colourful and feel-good artworks, and in doing so adds much joy to each label's heartfelt message. 

In creating this collection, we wanted to add little reminders of how much we care about our loved ones and believe in them. By adding these messages to our kids belongings they can be reminded of how much they matter to us, even when we aren't there to tell them. 

We have made this a large pack for the label loving sewist who will want to incorporate a couple of these labels into each of their makes! 

Included: 18 labels + stickers of each label design just for play.

We hope 'Going Places' is a new and fun way to show love to those around you!

♡ Kylie


KATM x Brook Gossen Launch Date

Available at stockists as of 16th February 2022

Available at KATM online as of 16th February 2022

Brok Gossen x KATM Kids Label Collection


Oh I will have to make space amongst my huge collection haha, but these are a definite!! Gorgeous designs- I love these!!

Oh I can’t wait for this bunch to hit my mailbox! Truly beautiful!
Thanks Kylie ❤️

Absolutely love these!

Oh, these are lovely! I’m definitely going to buy a pack (or two) to put in clothes I make for my son and my niece (and for me too).

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