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🤘 How To | Add Jeans Hardware

🤘 How To | Add Jeans Hardware

In three easy steps, learn how to add jeans hardware to your DIY Jeans, denim skirt or shorts! 

Step #1 How to cut a buttonhole using the Clover Buttonhole Chisel.

Step #2 How to attach rivets and where to place them.

Step #3 How to attach denim buttons.

For this tutorial we used the KATM Jeans Hardware Kit which includes buttons, zippers, rivets, awl and setter kit.

In addition to the kit we used the Clover Buttonhole Cutter / Chisel, Clover Water Soluble Pencil, Kai Professional Shears 7230, Creative Grids Cutting Mat.

The jeans featured is this video were made using the Megan Nielsen Dawn Jeans.

I hope you find this tutorial very helpful in the creation of your denim garments! 

♡ Kylie 

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