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KATM x Claire Ritchie | For You

KATM x Claire Ritchie | For You

Claire Ritchie x KATM Collaboration

We are so excited for the upcoming release of For You - our first ever Artist Collection featuring artwork by our dear friend, Claire Ritchie.

In creating For You, we hope to convey messages of self-care and self-love. Here are our intentions behind each label, but we love the idea that you will find your own meaning in each.


We chose stacking arches for 'Rise' as we see it serving two key messages - rising through collaboration and rising through individual growth.

When people can join forces in a collaborative way, we have a greater chance of making positive change and helping each other, but sometimes in order to help others, we need to go through our own processes so we can show up and be there for those who need us. We need to rise within ourselves so we can rise together. 

May we encourage and allow for our individual processes of growing and evolving, unlocking new skills and ways of thinking, and may we allow ourselves to rise from places we are ready to move on from. 

Stand Tall

There is a lightness and happiness to this label with its many flowers, all standing tall.

Through the flowers we hope to convey that we, in our many different colours, shapes and sizes, are all together, and when we take time to understand each other and our stories of becoming who we are, we will find there is much that can unify us as people, and in that we can stand tall and work together for the well being of ourselves and those around us. 

Be The Space

We chose a sunflower for Be The Space as it's not just standing up really tall, but it's also really stretching out... It's occupying the space it's in, in a beautiful way, that's completely unapologetic. It's just its truest bright self, and we see that and feel joy.

We hope to encourage others to stretch out and occupy their space as their truest self, so that they can feel joy and celebration in who they are, but also so that we, the onlookers, can celebrate them too.

Hold Yourself

Through deeply understanding our needs, without any judgement, but only curiosity and acceptance, we can truly nurture ourselves, embrace self-love, and in turn, we can enrich our own lives and the relationships we have with others.

Hold Yourself, is about taking that first step of self-care, love and acceptance. This is a gentle reminder to create moments for yourself, to fill your cup and find the joy in you being you.

♡ Kylie and Claire


KATM x Claire Ritchie Launch Dates

Available at stockist as of 26th July 2021

Available at KATM online as of 2nd August 2021