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How to | Attach Dungaree Hardware 🔨

How to | Attach Dungaree Hardware 🔨

Before attaching hardware, try on your dungarees to see whether you need to shorten the straps, as some patterns will provide longer straps that will need to be trimmed. You can thread the slider and buckle through to see how it all works and then try them on for length. Ideally the slider will sit close to the buckle in its final position when worn, with some room for adjustment. For maximum comfort, ensure the slider does not end up on top of your shoulder, where a bag strap may also sit. Let's go!


1 | Thread one strap up through the slider, over the middle bar and back down into the slider and as shown.

2 | Move the slider further along the strap and away from the end. Thread the buckle as shown and slide along to leave a 'tail' for the next step.

3 | Thread the end of the strap back up into the slider, over the middle bar and through. Fold the raw edge of the strap over 1cm towards the wrong side.

4 | Sew the raw edge flat with a basting length stitch. 

5 | Using a regular stitch length, sew the folded end flat against itself.

That's all there is to it! Now take those new dungarees out for a spin...

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