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How To | Use the KATM Label Gauge 💕

How To | Use the KATM Label Gauge 💕

Get perfect label placement every time using the original KATM Label Gauge (in neon yellow). We designed this label attaching game-changer with the four most common seam allowance measurements, to suit any project! 

Because the gauge is transparent, you can see where the label is positioned and can see exactly how much of it will be sewn into the seam. Best of all, it's easy to use...read on to find out how: 


step one | check your pattern for the seam allowance

step two | use the label gauge to position your label, lining it up with the correct seam allowance, and against the raw edge of the fabric

step three | glue the label into position. We use the Sewline Fabric Glue Pen for all label attachments 

step four | baste stitch the label in place. This keeps it secure for the next step...

step five | stitch the seam, sandwiching the label in place   



This gadget is great. Definitely worth getting. Makes adding labels so much easier.

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