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End Fold Custom Labels

$413.00 AUD

End Fold labels are great for brand names and words.

Minimum quantity 500 labels.


*Please note our website discount promotions are not available for custom label orders

Custom Label FAQ:

I have paid and uploaded my design, what is the next step? We will contact you within 48 hours with a proof of your design which will need approval or changes can be made before sampling process. Next the label will be sampled and a photo will be supplied (usually approx 8 business days) and then again we need your approval or can make changes. Then we will arrange the bulk production and shipping.

What are the labels made from? They are made from fine virgin polyester filament for the softest feeling labels.

Where are the labels manufactured? Our labels are manufactured in China to the highest standards.

How long will the whole process take? Depending on approval of proof and samples, re-sampling, bulk production and shipping, it can take up to 12 weeks from order to product in hand. It can often take less time but please allow time for delays.

I would like custom labels in different dimensions than listed, is that possible? Yes, we can get a customised quote for you. Please contact us. Pricing depends on the sizing and number of thread colours used. The background colour counts as one of the thread colours plus any additional threads used. 

Can I order less than 500 labels? No, this is the minimum quantity our factory can product of one design.

Can I order 500 labels spread across multiple designs? No, the minimum quantity per design is 500 labels.

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