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How To | Add a Centrefold Label to Hems

How To | Add a Centrefold Label to Hems

Did you know you can add a label to your hand-makes after you've finished sewing them up? Sometimes you get caught up in the fun of sewing and just plain forget! If that happens to you, you're going to love this quick and easy way to attach centrefold labels to hems. Think t-shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, jeans...if its got a hem, adding a label is chef's kiss! 

step one | press out the centre crease using scrap fabric to protect the label from direct heat

step two | press each end of label under to create 'folds' using fabric to protect from direct heat. Pin, clip or peg label to hold it in position while you prepare the hem! 

step three | apply fabric glue to each end fold tab and place label in position to ‘hug’ the hem

step four | straight stitch across the top to secure label to your garment


✨  Et Voila!  ✨


We also made a handy video for you to watch on instagram. Be sure to save it for future reference! 



Love this idea! Will definitely be using this technique. Thanks 💗

Brilliant! I’ll be using this for sure.

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