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Make A Matchy Matchy Look!

Make A Matchy Matchy Look!

I am not usually one for matching with my boo, but when Coady cut out this rayon #finchbuttonup pattern by @common_stitch there was enough left to cut out a #chamomilecrop tank pattern from @sarkirsten for me! After all, he did raid my stash to find this fabric so I didn't want to miss out... 😆

Once we finished our tops, we declared that we would proudly wear them together at his birthday party earlier this year, though it got cancelled when our family came down with covid. So now, it's our time to shine!

Of course, the logical label to choose was one from our MATCHY MATCHY pack.  They are double sided and come with small and large labels if you'd like to match with your mini-me or partner! You could also make two garments for a 'matchy' ensemble! 

*My pants are not me-made, but I would still like to give a shoutout to SÜK Workwear for making women's workwear that actually fits and is super comfortable.

♡ Kylie xo


Make This Look

Labels: Matchy Matchy 10 Pack of Sew-in Labels 

+ Label Gauge

Coady's Shirt: Finch Button Up by Common Stitch

Kylie's Top: Camomile Crop by Sarah Kirsten


Matchy Matchy Sew-in Labels KATM Sew-in Labels


These are so cute! But also don’t look cheesy (unless you wanted to play that up 😋)

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