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Welcome to Episode # 4 of Sewing Club Podcast - in this episode we had the pleasure of sewing and chatting about all things Clo Bias Skirt! This post is going to be photo heavy (yay) because as you may know, this is my second time sewing this fabulous skirt - all the details of my original Clo can be found in this blog post. 


Pattern: Clo Bias Skirt by Soften Studio

Size: 6 

Fabric Type: cupro / viscose mystery blend 

Fabric Supplier: The Fabric Store

Featured Labels: 'This Was A Glorious Shit Show' from the NEW Sweary Sewist 4.0

Something I didn't cover in my original write-up, was just how much fabric choices changes both the look and feel, but also the sewing experience. Since I sewed up my original Clo in an easy-to-handle linen, there wasn't much to say about the fabric except that it made for a quick sew!   

This leopard print cupro-viscose mystery fabric, whilst lovely and drapey, was not the most fun to sew! One side was really slippery and the other side was more grippy, almost like a suede feel. At first I started sewing with a regular foot, but switched to a walking foot soon after which helped. The fabric did iron very nicely and once pressed it stayed put.  

The main problem I had was that it mustn't have been perfectly straight or flat when I was cutting it out on the floor. Somewhere along the way, it twisted a little bit and even though it's not obvious to the eye, I can notice it on the hanger.  Let's talk about seams! French seams are a really nice finish although it would be quicker to serge the seams - the bonus is you can make the whole project without an overlocker. This fabric also frayed a lot, which made the french seams challenging - I had to be very careful when it came to trimming it! Some things to be mindful of when choosing a fabric for your Clo...   

You can listen to Sewing Club Podcast Episode #4 on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Audible or Google Podcasts (insert other favourite poddy platform). Here you'll find all the show notes and we'll also reveal the pattern for Episode #5, so you can sew along at home! 

Be sure to check out Gemma's classic and very-wearable Clo over at Sewing Gem

Want to sew your very own Clo Bias Skirt? Get 20% OFF the pattern with the code: SEWINGCLUBPODCAST 

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