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Try This Project | Clo Bias Skirt

Try This Project | Clo Bias Skirt

I’ve had the Clo Bias Skirt sitting high up in my sewing queue because it seemed like a quick sew and I liked that it only used a small amount of fabric. This particular piece of lilac linen fabric was repurposed from a full circle dress skirt that I made previously but was way too voluminous. I removed half the circle which meant I had a ready-to-go bias piece of fabric. I also found the original remnant to make the waistband out of!   

I don't know about you, but I usually think of bias skirts as evening wear. I appreciate that the Clo Bias Skirt has a bit more of a casual and sporty vibe with the topstitching throughout the waistband. Which makes it perfect for an everyday handmade wardrobe piece! I wasn’t sure if it was going to fit perfectly and I knew the drawstring waistband would allow me to cinch it in to the right size. 

As soon as I made it and put it on, I just felt so comfortable. The fabric shifts and moulds itself to your body! I feel good in it, people tell me I look good in it…what more could you ask for? 

Featured label: 'Sew All The Things' from the 2022 Countdown Calendar. I was on a sewing high when I made this skirt, happily filling all the gaps in my wardrobe... this label summed up the feeling perfectly! 

My only small gripe with the pattern was that it comes with the same waistband width for all sizes, and being a petite sewist, I knew the proportions would be off on my finished skirt. I reduced the width of the waistband and the elastic to 3cm instead of 4cm and this worked well. I used the Prym Sew & Knit Gauge to create a neat baby hem!   

Final thoughts ✎

Would I make it again? Absolutely. Would I recommend it to a beginner? Definitely. I would recommend that you fold the fabric right sides facing when cutting it out so you can pin and sew straight from there. That way you’re dealing with those side seams straight away, so the bias doesn’t move around too much / stretch out. If you’ve got 2m of fabric and an afternoon you can whip it up… 

Scroll down for all the project details!  


♡ Kylie xo

Project Details

Pattern: Clo Bias Skirt by Soften Studio 

Size: 6 (pattern comes in sizes 6-24)  

Body Dimensions:

  • Full bust 80 cm
  • Waist 64 cm
  • Full hips 91cm

Fabric Type: mid-weight linen 

Fabric Supplier: Spotlight

Notions: 3cm wide elastic (the pattern calls for 4cm wide elastic)

Featured Labels: 'Sew All The Things’ from the 2022 Countdown Calendar

Tools: Scissors + Rotary Cutter + Iron + Clover Bias Tape Maker 18mm + KATM Label Gauge + Prym Sew & Knit Gauge 

Machine: Bernina B325 for main construction + Bernina L450 overlocker




Love the lilac skirt, drape is beautiful

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