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Try This Project | Wilder Gown-Top

Try This Project | Wilder Gown-Top

I've had the Wilder Gown pattern by Friday Pattern Company cut out for way too long, and after seeing a stunning version at a local sewing event, not to mention the many many other versions on sewing instagram, it jumped to the top of the queue! 

I started with the intention of making the dress version but wasn’t sure if this pattern would swamp me, being a petite sewist. And since my handmade wardrobe is crying out for basic, easy-to-wear tops right now, a blouse version of the Wilder Gown made perfect sense.  

Let's talk about the fabric: it's a repurposed Gorman scarf and a birthday gift that sadly didn't get the love it deserved. I knew I wanted to give it new life as a wearable garment! 

This is a very simple and beginner-friendly sew; it came together in three hours from start to finish. Which we like! The Prym Turning Set is an absolute game changer and made an already quick sew, even faster when it came to assembling the neck tie. 

I’ll definitely be wearing my Wilder top open at the neck instead of tied; I can't have all those gathers up in my face riding to work and being summer here, loose and breezy is a winner. 

Final thoughts ✎

Although it didn't quite fill the gap for a 'basic' top in my me-made wardrobe, it's something a little bit fun that I can wear with my workwear shorts ~ I know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it. 

Scroll down for all the project details!  

♡ Kylie xo

Project Details

Pattern: Wilder Gown (as a top) by Friday Pattern Company

Size: medium  

Body Dimensions:

  • Full bust 80 cm
  • Waist 64 cm
  • Full hips 91cm

Fabric Type: lightweight cotton from a repurposed Gorman scarf

Fabric Supplier: see above

Notions: Gutermann Top Stitch Thread 

Featured Labels: 'High On Sewjo’ from the 2022 Countdown Calendar

Tools: Scissors + Rotary Cutter + Iron + Prym Turning Set + KATM Label Gauge

Machine: Bernina B325 for main construction + Bernina L450 overlocker


Can I ask how big the scarf was to start with? I have a few that could be repurposed, but not sure they are big enough

What a great idea to repurpose an under-utilised gift scarf into an eye-catching top. It looks great on you! I also prefer to wear the ties on my Wilder Gown open at the neck. I hadn’t considered making the top version, though. Now I’m thinking about it.

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